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Composite Panel Framing

Aluminium composite panels

Aluminium composite panels are flat panels that are made from aluminium composite material. These flat panels are made from two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. Their high quality and lightweight cladding makes them versatile to style and gives them a broad range of design options. Being light in weight, aluminium composite panels offer the robustness of heavy sheet metal at a much lowest cost.

Benefits Of Aluminium Composite Panels

  • Quality & Durability

    Made with high quality metals and plastics, aluminium composite panels offer decisive quality and durability against harsh weather impacts. Their unique fabrication method enables them to act as a barrier and reduce the outside noise penetration.

  • Cost Effective

    aluminium composite panels reduce the burden on pocket. They not only possess lowest initial cost while being manufactured but also reduce the costs of artificial energy at later stages.

  • Fire Safe

    ACPs are labelled as fire proof as they are highly resistant to domestic fires. However, they can melt over a temperature of 650° but they don’t omit any kind of gases, thus doesn’t present any harm to inhabitants.

  • Installation & Maintenance-

    aluminium composite panels are easy to install and offer hassle-free maintenance. The dust found on these panels can easily be wiped off with a clean fabric.

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