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Industrial Flooring - Tremix

Industrial Flooring - Tremix (Vaccum dewatered flooring)

We are leading service providers for Tremix flooring - Vaccum dewatered flooring (VDF flooring). Various floors in factories, warehouses and industries has extensive application for this durable flooring technique. The Vacuum Dewatered (VD) Flooring method is a system for laying high quality concrete floors with superior cost-effectiveness. The key to the use of this method is the dewatering of concrete by vacuum process. Surplus water from the concrete is removed immediately after placing and vibration, reducing the water-cement ratio to an optimum level and thus increasing the strength and durability of the Tremix floor.

Advantages of Tremix flooring over the conventional flooring:

  • Increased Abrasion resistance
  • Increased Impact strength
  • Increased Compressive strength of floor
  • Increased Tensile strength
  • Reduced water / cement ration
  • Reduced number of joints
  • Less wear and tear of floor surface

Typical Application Areas of VDF Flooring

  • Production Areas
  • Warehouses, Godowns
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Roads, Sports Courts
  • Increased Impact strength
  • As the base floor for Epoxy & PU Floorings

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